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Your Hygge Homes: Dresser Styling

Steph is one of my customers and has a real talent for styling. Her cosy dresser delights my magpie eyes and inspired me to try out a new blog series - Your Hygge Homes. I want to celebrate your hygge homes and cosy corners and learn more about the stories behind them. Read on for plenty of dresser styling tips.

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Hygge for the Soul: 5 Ways to Nourish an Anxious Mind

How does anxiety show up for you? Is it that Sunday evening dread and sense of overwhelm at the week ahead? A tightening in your chest and a lump in your throat? Maybe your anxiety taps you on the arm in the middle of the night in the form of insomnia and a restless mind. Read on for 5 ways to use hygge to nourish your soul.

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