Welcome to Bramble & Fox, it’s lovely to have you over here! 


Do you ever dream of escaping to the country to live in a cottage with an orchard, a veg patch and a hen or two? If so, then this place is for you. 


I believe that hygge is the way we mother ourselves, soothing our souls and nourishing our creativity.


The warmth and comfort of home is where hygge lives, so Bramble & Fox is for those of us who love to snuggle up with a book, a blanket, some fairy lights and a mug of tea. I can help you to feel more comfort and joy by celebrating pockets of cosy in your day. 


In the shop you’ll find a range of handmade and seasonal cosy goods filled with the comfort of home, as well as a small collection of vintage items that hold stories, secrets and love within them.

What's Hygge?

Hygge (pronounced hugh-gah) is a Danish word and roughly translates as “cosiness of the soul.”


It’s the warm, safe feeling you get when you’re snuggled up under the duvet listening to the rain smattering the windows, long summer evenings spent in the garden with friends and that feeling of creative flow when you’re doing something you love.


It's the Friday feeling you get when you turn your key in the door, kick off your shoes and pull on your comfy clothes.  


It’s seen by the Danes as the key to happiness and has its roots in a Norwegian word for wellbeing. 


I passionately believe that our homes are our sanctuaries, where we soothe away the stresses of the day, spend time with loved ones and let our true selves shine through. 


Hygge can be evoked by the memories attached to belongings in our homes, so choose to use and display items that spark joy and nostalgia. 

Lovely to meet you!  

Bex Massey, founder of Bramble and Fox UK hygge lifestyle shop

I’m Bex, founder of Bramble & Fox and I help people to feel more peace, comfort and joy in their lives by helping them to build homes that put the ohhhh into cosy and by working together to lead more seasonal, soulful and creative lives.  


I live in a small market town on the Staffordshire/Peak District border with my husband and our little boy. The 'Fox' in Bramble & Fox is my little boy's middle name. I love Christmas, rummaging around antique shops, books, being in nature, Autumn, baking, period dramas and making our house into a home.  


I believe that vintage and handmade objects have a soft, well-loved authenticity and warmth that is difficult to replicate, so I spend my days sourcing stock with a soul and a story to tell, spending time with my little boy and learning how to build this small creative business.   


It started with a dream

My Mission

Bringing the comfort and safety of home to everyone is my mission for Bramble & Fox, so from 29 June 2020, I'll be donating £1 from every order to Shelter, a charity that defends everyone's right to a safe and secure home. 


For every £1 donated to Shelter, 79p is spent on helping people directly and 21p is spent on fundraising, so when you order something from my shop, you'll also be helping someone find the comfort and safety of home. 

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