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What's in my carpet bag? Cosy hygge mentoring and workshops to craft the life you secretly want. Available at

What’s in my carpet bag? 

  • 17 years of tips and tricks I've collected to help you put the ‘ohhh’ into cosy home. 

  • 10 years’ teaching experience in making every task you undertake become a piece of cake. 

  • Diploma in counselling to help me support and nurture you when things are half in shadow and half in light. 

  • Rolled up sleeves and dirty-hands experience of planning and launching a creative business from the seed of an idea and nurturing it through a pandemic.

  • Qualified cake decorator and experience of working as a baker in a highly regarded Manchester coffee shop. Perfect for helping you with that spoonful of sugar. 

  • Real life experience of rolling the dice, making a life-changing move into a semi-rural area and buying/selling houses in the middle of a pandemic.

  • I live the hygge lifestyle that I encourage others to adopt. I’ve used hygge to help me cope with the most difficult, traumatic periods of my adult life and I've used it to create a life filled with comfort and joy. 

Ready to make a cosy life of everyday joy you secretly dream of?