alt="bramble and fox" values and sustainable packaging

Use Sustainable Materials

All orders are gift wrapped using sustainable materials. My packaging is FSC approved, unless your item is larger than my standard packing boxes. Where this is the case, I reuse packaging that I have received to reduce waste and costs.


Your order is gift wrapped in rustic brown tissue paper, which is 100 percent recycled and is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. 


Your order is protected from breakages with recyclable, biodegradable bubble wrap and shredding which is made from recycled paper coffee cups. This is, of course recyclable, or it can be reused - perfect for using in chicken nesting boxes, laid with kindling as firestarters, mulching material in the garden or craft projects. 


Boxes are secured using brown paper parcel tape, which is made from renewable kraft paper and rubber-based adhesive.


I’m not perfect - the stickers used are not recyclable, but I’m looking for a suitable stamp and recyclable ink to replace them. 


Please tear the stickers off any packaging before popping in the recycling bin. 

Celebrate UK Ethical Makers and Creatives

Growing up with parents who ran a small business for 31 years, it’s true to say that shopping small is close to my heart and as you’re here, I know it’s important to you too! I celebrate UK crafters, creatives and artisans who make my shop truly special and who give our communities diversity, vibrancy, personality and local identity.

I spend a lot of time to ensure that the makers I work with share my values and ethics, so you can cosy up, safe in the knowledge that your homewares are cruelty-free, sustainable and ethically made.

All candles, soaps and bath products are made with natural ingredients, pure essential oils and are free from chemical nasties and synthetic fragrances. 

Pottery is handmade  - including the Brown Betty teapots, which are made locally to me in Staffordshire, by Cauldon Ceramics, the last surviving UK pottery making genuine Brown Bettys. 

Non-vintage blankets are made in a mill in Flint, on the edge of the River Dee. 

Spark Nostalgia

A lot of my time is spent sourcing a carefully curated collection of vintage home wares. I've always been an old soul and love the romance and nostalgia of objects from the past. Giving vintage items a new home is sustainable too, as they're already here and by choosing to re-love, we're rescuing items from landfill! 


When selecting vintage pieces for the shop, I consider the condition, craftsmanship quirkiness, nostalgia value and how a piece can be used or repurposed so that it becomes part of the fabric of your life, helping you to create a truly unique home on a budget. 

Bring Comfort and Joy

Bringing the comfort and safety of home to everyone is my mission for Bramble & Fox, so each item is chosen to bring comfort and to help you enjoy the little pockets of cosy in every day.


£1 from your order is also donated to Shelter, a charity that defends everyone's right to a safe and secure home. 

For every £1 donated to Shelter, 79p is spent on helping people directly and 21p is spent on fundraising, so when you order something from my shop, you also help someone else find the comfort and safety of home.