How to Hygge Your Home for Cosy Season

hygge home styling, autumn decor, cosy styling, bramble and fox

I love decorating my home for Autumn and Winter using foraged foliage and berried treasure to celebrate the start of cosy season.

There's something very hyggelig about a walk on a chilly day to gather golden leaves, seed pods, acorns, berries, pine cones and lichen covered twigs, then styling up a cosy corner for a sense of seasonal abundance. 


autumn home styling, hygge home decor, seasonal styling, bramble and fox

Seasonal Styling

It's fun to experiment with styling different areas of your home, looking at window ledges, fireplaces, shelves, entryways, alcoves and side tables as canvases for some festive faffing. 

Here's some of my seasonal styling tips to help you put the 'ohhh' into your cosy corners:


Lay the foundations of your seasonal display with your props. I use seasonal books, vintage homewares such as baskets, tins, candlesticks, pictures, mirrors and quirky vintage items such as ice skates and typewriters. 


Seasonal Dressing

Create interest, texture and depth by tucking seasonal greenery, Autumn leaves, berries, pine cones, dried hydrangea heads and woody herbs, such as rosemary, in and around your props. This will soften the lines of the items on display and create a feeling of cosy abundance.


hygge home styling, cosy home styling, autumn decor, bramble and fox

Fine Tuning

Odd numbers of items work best when styling little vignettes, so group in threes or fives and vary heights for a flowing effect.

Try to avoid grouping things in straight lines - create triangles with items or overlap them instead.

It helps to move around and look at your scene from different angles, to see if anything needs to be tweaked.

crochet pumpkins, emma bridgewater christmas wreath, mini hovis tin, bramble and fox

 Have Fun!

The most important tip to take away with you is to have fun and play about with the positions of things until you're happy with the arrangement of them!

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