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Are You Waiting For Permission?

In a scrappy notebook held together with an elastic band, is the pre-launch plan for Bramble & Fox. Hygge workshops are on that pre-launch plan. I intended to weave workshops into the mix some time ago, but Covid hit and like many plans, they were shelved for a while.  Once or twice, I reached back to the shelf to retrieve the idea and I hesitated. After journalling on it, I realised it’s because I’ve been waiting for permission.  So many of us are subconsciously pressing pause on our dreams and waiting for permission slips, I thought I’d dig into some of the factors at play.

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The Baking Book

My most vivid memories of baking tend to revolve around my Nan. She’s a good teacher, and if I'm honest, the most influential figure in my love of baking. As soon as I could hold a wooden spoon in my hand and stir ingredients in her huge baking jug, I was scooped up on to the counter and my baking days began.

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