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Are You Waiting For Permission?

In a scrappy notebook held together with an elastic band, is the pre-launch plan for Bramble & Fox. Hygge workshops are on that pre-launch plan. I intended to weave workshops into the mix some time ago, but Covid hit and like many plans, they were shelved for a while.  Once or twice, I reached back to the shelf to retrieve the idea and I hesitated. After journalling on it, I realised it’s because I’ve been waiting for permission.  So many of us are subconsciously pressing pause on our dreams and waiting for permission slips, I thought I’d dig into some of the factors at play.

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Finding Joy in Your Imperfect Home

Building a home takes time, there will always be a project that needs to be finished, so finding the joy in the journey will help you to be happy in your home right now. How can you find joy in dated wallpaper though? Read on to find out. 

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