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Your Hygge Homes: Dresser Styling

Steph is one of my customers and has a real talent for styling. Her cosy dresser delights my magpie eyes and inspired me to try out a new blog series - Your Hygge Homes. I want to celebrate your hygge homes and cosy corners and learn more about the stories behind them. Read on for plenty of dresser styling tips.

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Be More Pistachio

No one loves vanilla ice cream. There, I said it. Everyone likes vanilla ice cream, it’s safe. It’s dependable, it goes with everything and no one turns it down if it’s offered to them. Pistachio ice cream though? You love it or loathe it, but if you love it, you’ll drive across town to get your hands on it...

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When The Answer Won’t Come

There’s something about being lost and blocked that feels shameful. There’s the frustration of knowing deep in your bones that you need change but not knowing what you want and the shame of desperately trying to figure it out.

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