What if this September is different?

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I’ve been thinking about September, good intentions and self-doubt. September can feel a bit like the start of a new year. Shiny shoes, fresh notebooks, a brand new pencil case of possibilities. 

Autumn’s crisp mornings, golden afternoons and its palette of ochres, russets, inky purples and earthy browns feed our creativity too. 

It’s hard not to feel inspired sitting beside the steamed up window of a cafe, with a pencil in one hand and a coffee in the other.  


Shiny shoes are soon scuffed, sharp pencils snap and the blank pages loom when you stare at them for too long and the thoughts don’t knit together.  

We start out with the spark of good intentions and flickering flames of creativity but our attention may wander elsewhere for a while. Perhaps we’re not really sure what to do next.

The whispers of self-doubt grow louder. The notebook and dreams are quietly shut away in a drawer. Maybe next year…



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What if this September is different though?  

The origin of the word ‘intention’ is intriguing. It stems back to old French ‘entencion’ meaning ‘purpose, aspiration or thought’ and Latin, meaning ‘to stretch out’. 

That’s what we’re trying to do, isn't it? To grow, to shift our mindsets and gently stretch out beyond the barriers we’ve invented for ourselves. 

How would it feel to chat with someone who gets it? To learn a few tricks to reframe your doubts and fears and to work out your next steps on your way?


To keep your notebook on your desk this year and put your project in progress or neatly box it off with a bow, in time for Christmas? 

Relieved? Fulfilled? Tingly with excitement? 

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