Momentum: My Word for 2023

open hand with key and handwritten label which reads 'momentum'. Word for the year by bex massey of bramble and fox


I’ve found it hard this year to settle on the word. 

There have been several contenders and a few near misses. 

On a page in my notebook these words were circled in pencil as possibilities. 





Then one word that I even settled on for a few days, but when journaling on it, decided it was the safe option.  

On writing my review of 2022, one theme stood out to me. My old friend procrastination

When chatting with a friend before Christmas during her inner critic workshop, it was clear how long I’ve been tiptoeing around the edges of my ideas for coaching and workshops. In case you’re intrigued, it’s about four years. 

In what feels like another life ago, I went for counselling to help me through a stormy time. I remember the counsellor making an analogy about being a plane on a runway and picking up speed to take off.


It’s time to build momentum for take off as I can’t stay on the runway forever. 

What will momentum look like? 

When I look at the horizon of the year, I’d like to have some coaching clients and more workshops on the boil. I’d like to throw some collaborations in the mix and I’d like to feel comfortable in this bigger space I’m trying to grow into. More decisiveness, less procrastination. More proactive, less reactive. Less timid, more sure-footed. 

They are the rough sketches but there’s no detail yet. 

Rather than rush like the white rabbit into the fine details, goals, targets and checklists as soon as the new year rolls round, I’ll wait until the Spring. Whether we like it or not, we’re seasonal beings, so I’ll let my subconscious sit and knit together the ideas that will become my intentions for the year. 

Surely this undermines the idea of building momentum? 

No, I don’t think so. I can only build momentum when I clearly know what momentum will look like for me this year. Learning about my reticular activating system (RAS) has given me the confidence to know that my mind will work out the best way forward, if I let it.


To inform my thoughts, I’ll be sending out a questionnaire to get some feedback so if you’re on my mailing list, look out for that. The long dark nights between now and Spring will give my mind space to wander and ponder on the possibilities and the answers will come to the surface - they always do. 

If you would like to join me in this more gentle, achievable approach to goals and planning, doors are now open for the Spring Key to Your Year workshop

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